Advantages of Access Control Systems in Kenya

Biometric access control systems

Access control systems play an important role in the security of your or commercial property. “Access Control” is an electronic means of restricting access to a building or designated area, like a restricted room. It may include doors into a building, access to certain areas within a building, or even access to outside gates.
Below are some of the advantages of installing an access control system in Kenya as opposed to the traditional lock and key system.

Be in control of your security through access control systems Kenya

The access control system determines who has permission to go where within the building. It efficiently collects data on key information such as the number visitors, time of employees’ arrival and departure etc. This is important in restricting movement in the premises and preventing a security breach

Be in control of traffic in a building

When you have a busy office building you get the ability to monitor the movement of people who go in and out. This is enhanced by the use of Biometric System for identification among the employees and visitors. This prevents strangers from slipping into the building or restricted areas undetected.

No more lost keys

The traditional lock and key system can be frustrating when an employee loses their keys or fails to return them. An Access Control System simply allows the business to issue a new card when necessary and simply remove an employee’s access card from the system when they no longer work with your company.

Reduce theft

If you have a theft or data breach issue, you can easily check the access control system and see who accessed the area and arrest the culprit. This is a huge advantage over a lock and key system where you would be unable to detect who stole You can also set up alerts to find out if someone attempts to access an area when their permission has been revoked.

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