Alarm Systems Frequently Asked Questions

Alarm systems Kenya

We understand that you may have questions regarding Alarms systems,so we have compiled a list of frequently asked questions, to guide you through.

Is installing an alarm system expensive?

The cost of an alarm system depends on individual needs. Some use alarm systems in conjunction with other security products like CCTV cameras, electric gates and electric fences. TopSec Technologies team is equipped and ready to take you through choosing the best cost effective alarm system to fit your needs and budget.

Do I need to have power for my Alarm System to work?

TopSec Technologies provides backups to make sure that your alarm system will continue to work incase of a power outage. We are alarm system dealers in Kenya, and we provide backup batteries for when your power source fails.

In the event that I change houses, can my alarm system be re-installed?

Yes, this is possible,simply contact TopSec Technologies and we will take you through how to carefully take down your existing alarm system if it is a wired system. Our team can also take care of your alarm system and reinstall the system in your new house.

Don’t I have to drill holes in my home to install the alarm system?

There are wireless options available. TopSec Technologies is an alarm system dealer and supplier in Kenya, we have different types of alarm systems.

Can someone tamper with the control panel of an alarm system?

Control panels are designed to be tamper proof. When someone tries to tamper with the control panels, this can trigger an alarm to a security company.

If alarm systems can detect motion,won’t the alarm go off when I have pets in my home?

No, there are “smart” alarms that can distinguish between animal and human movement. We have quality alarm systems in Kenya.

Can I still get an alarm system even if I live in an apartment?

Security of your home is just as important whether you live in an apartment or your own home. There have been cases of houses being robbed in apartments, so it is best to be safe. You can talk to the caretaker of the building or the owner, then engage TopSec Technologies for alarm system installation in your house.

Can I control my home security system using my smartphone?

Just like CCTV video footage can be configured to your smartphone, there are applications that can be configured to your phone which can be used to control your home alarm system. TopSec Technologies advises and provides the best application to use with your home alarm system.

For more information on Alarm systems,contact TopSec Technologies, the leading alarm systems installers in Kenya.