Carports in Kenya and their versatility

Car Port Shades in Kenya

Best Carport shade systems in Kenya

Standard carport shades in Kenya are designed to fulfill a particular function: to offer shelter for vehicles. A typical TopSec Technologies carport shades system  build in Kenya involves high quality anodized aluminum designs matched with a top-notch polycarbonate roofing shield to do the job.

This mix offers complete sunblock and a waterproof gutter system for changes in the weather, specifically when it gets wet. The wind isn’t an issue either, as our Car parking shades Kenya are bolstered to endure winds of up to 125km.

For more information about pre-fabricated carport kits Kenya, give us a call. All of our carports in Kenya come in an assortment of colors such as urban grey silver, bronze, and black.

Car parking shade Kenya for diverse applications

Besides constructing shelters for car garages, the TopSec technologies team provides many shelter choices with the carport range.

Car Port Shades in Kenya
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The Drive-Thru

Restaurants with a drive-thru need personalized shelters to shield customers from inclement weather. Imagine trying to order dinner for the entire family while rain pours in from your open car window! Instead of investing in a cheap, sub-standard option, TopSec Technologies Shade can work with you to create a cantaport or carport in Melbourne to meet your stringent guidelines.

Car Parks

While we concentrate on Kenya’s carports for businesses and homeowners in Melbourne, we can also fabricate quality shelters for shopping centers where there is a demand for covering hundreds of parking spaces.

Shade at the Park

Public parks require shade areas for toilet facilities, showers, picnic tables, and so on. Given these structures are prone to be exposed to rain and water, the local government must invest in quality carports shade made in high-quality material, providing a superior and corrosion-free option.


Car Port Shades in Kenya
Car Port Shades in Kenya
Outdoor Sports

Football ovals, cricket grounds, and similar places need undercover areas, specifically in the heat. Whether there are players in need of a cool place to rehydrate or you need somewhere to keep your gear out of the sun, an innovative cantaport would be ideal. Topsec technologies can provide a pre-fabricated kit or can collaborate with you to develop a purpose-built shade.

Bikes and Motorcycles

Sometimes you don’t need a carport in Nairobi, Kenya, to shelter a car. You might need the same sort of structure, though, to shield a motorcycle or a bike from the weather. Whenever you leave your equipment in the open, you should take care of it. The team at Future Shade can help you optimize your shade requirements to ensure that you make the proper decision.

Look to the future with TopSec technologies.

You can do so much with personalized car parking shades Kenya which is why you should take the time to consult TopSec Technologies it could save you time and money in the long run.