CCTV Cameras Frequently Asked Questions

What does CCTV stand for?

CCTV stands for closed circuit television and they are used to give video surveillance. There are two common types of CCTV cameras: Analogue and IP based cameras. Analogue cameras have a set of wires connected to a recording device and monitors. Surveillance video captured is recorded and stored. IP based camera’s video surveillance can be viewed remotely via phone,laptop or tablet. This makes it possible to keep watch of a certain vicinity without being there physically. TopSec Technologies is a CCTV installation company in Kenya and a CCTV camera dealer in Kenya. We have both types of CCTV cameras.

Do I really need a CCTV camera installed?

If you want to keep your home or business safe, CCTV cameras act as a strong deterrent of possible criminals. They are low cost and easily installed in your business or home and can be configured to work in conjunction with an alarm system. Having a CCTV system installed in your office or business will keep an eye on your stock and minimize employee theft. TopSec Technologies are CCTV systems installers in Kenya, with the best team. We also configure your CCTV camera system to your phone, laptop or tablet to enable you keep watch even when away.

Will you give me the application needed to view live footage on my phone?

Yes. Our team will explain which application is best to view live footage via your device. It is important to have the best application for clear view. TopSecTechnologies will give you all information needed when it comes to how to connect your device with your camera.

Can more than one person view the footage?

If you want to give access to other people to view the footage, it is possible to configure the CCTV camera system for them as well. Please note that before this is done,you need to make sure that whoever has access is trustworthy.

What happens when I cannot see the video well?

You simply zoom in! Yes it’s possible. That is why we keep mentioning that a CCTV camera is your best bet to enhance security for your home and business. We are a top leading CCTV camera company in Kenya.

Can the CCTV get footage at night?

CCTV cameras have the ability to capture footage when it is pitch black. They have LED lenses surrounding the lens.

Where is the footage stored?

Recorded footage is stored in a harddrive. When the harddrive is full, it overwrites the old data and continues to record and store the footage. We are CCTV system dealers and we provide all accessories needed for your CCTV system to work.

Where can I get a trusted CCTV camera dealer and installer in Kenya?

TopSec Technologies is a leading dealer and installer of CCTV cameras in Kenya. You can reach us via 0796 604 245