Common Electric Fencing Problems, and How to Fix Them

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Safeguarding Your Investment: Ensuring Longevity of Electric Fencing

When you invest in electric fencing for your property, you’re not just bolstering security, but enhancing its overall value. Yet, to guarantee your electric fencing stands the test of time, it’s crucial to be vigilant. Here are insights into common issues that can compromise the lifespan of electric fences and how to prevent them.

Grounding Matters

To provide that unmistakable shock, electric fences require a complete circuit. Grounding, often overlooked, plays a pivotal role. Opt for ample grounding with substantial ground beds in moist soils, ideally connected using proper ground rod clamps. Avoid mixing metals when connecting galvanized ground rods. Insufficient grounding manifests as measurable voltage at ground rods, signaling an inadequate ground bed. Remember, you can never have too good a grounding system.

Right-Sized Fence Charger

An undersized fence charger spells inefficiency, transforming your fence into a mere physical barrier. Correct sizing hinges on factors like the targeted animals, fence length, and vegetation. Most animals are effectively contained with 3,500 to 5,000 volts. Opt for a low-impedance (narrow-pulse) energizer based on output joules. Higher joule ratings translate to potent shocks across extended fence lines.

Prudent Connection Management

Faulty connections can baffle even the most seasoned fence walker. To detect issues, employ a voltmeter to test both sides of connections. If voltage drops on one side, you’ve found the culprit. Connections fail due to crimp sleeve issues, loose or improper crimping, or ineffective hand knots. Remedying or replacing faulty connections is imperative.

Choose Professional Electric Fencing Installation

Security dynamics continually evolve. To navigate this landscape effectively, an integrated approach is paramount. Electric fencing provides an active layer of security alongside traditional fencing. Whether safeguarding your home, business, or agricultural ventures, professional electric fencing installation offers an accessible and affordable solution.

Invest wisely, protect your property, and embrace the latest in security technology with professional electric fencing installation.

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