In a perfect world, no one will need to create a boundary or even gate their property, but that is not. This is why we go a long way to make sure the people we love and care for are safe and secure. Here are the things you should know as compiled by Top Sec Technologies, an electric fencing  company Kenya.

The truth is with recent kidnappings in the country, things are different when the issue of home security pops up.

There are some cost-effective methods to ensure your office and home safety, specifically when you are not available. I am talking about no other way than electric fencing Kenya by electric fencing dealers Kenya, which had proven to be one of the choicest physical intrusion prevention mechanisms.

In this blog post, we look at what electric fencing Kenya by electric fencing suppliers Kenya is all about and ways to utilize it to your advantage. There are probably a few things some electric fencing company Kenya will not tell you, read along.

Let Go!

How Does an Electric Fence Kenya Work?

An Electric Fence Kenya comprises of an open electrical circuit comprising of two arms.

The first arm is the fence linked to the power terminal of the Fence energizer. You should ensure that this is completely insulated from any other conductive electric fencing material Kenya or plastic insulators or an air gap of at least 3cm. It does not have to loop back on itself and perhaps a single line away from the energizer.

The next arm is the ground itself connected to the Earth terminal of the energizer by way of the earth stake or post. This then leaves an open electrical circuit. TopSec Technologies, an  electric fencing company Kenya has a team of experts who will educate you more in depth on the types of electric fences available.

Types of electric fencing Kenya


A Piggyback electric fence Kenya by electric installers Kenya is mounted off the back of an existing mesh fence or wire, adding another level of security to the existing perimeter barrier. The piggyback profile is tightened to existing fence posts using rivets or screws. These are the most regularly used electric security fences.

Wall top

In Kenya, wall-top electric fences attach to the top of an existing perimeter barrier, such as a masonry wall. These are the second most typical type of electric security fences. The available fence must be at least 1 1„2 meters (4 ft 11 in) high.

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electric fence with razor wire

Stand-alone electric fences Kenya act as the main perimeter barrier. They are also quite aesthetically pleasing if set up nicely. This type is usually found at one of many levels of perimeter security around high-security establishments, meaning that to touch it, someone has had to break through at least one physical barrier before this. The stand-alone fence must be at least 1 m (3 ft 3 in) away from the nearest border.


Electric fencing Kenya by electric fencing supplier Kenya is just one solution offered by TopSec Technologies. It should be regarded in conjunction with other safety features like automated access control system Kenya, alarm system Kenyas and Carport shade Kenya CCTV cameras Kenya around your property for optimum protection.

If protecting your family is your premier one priority, you’ll know that their lives are more important than saving a few safety systems. For reliable and affordable safety solutions, get in touch with the team at TopSec Technologies.

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Topwall electric fencing

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