Debunking the Myths: Is Electric Fencing in Kenya Dangerous?

Electric fencing in Kenya is a popular security solution, but there are often misconceptions about its safety. Let’s dispel the myths and understand the safety aspects of electric fencing.

Is Electric Fencing Dangerous?

Electric fence in Kenya, provided by a reputable electric fencing dealer like TopSec Technologies, ensures proper safety. Here’s why:

  • Voltage vs. Amperage: The voltage in an electric fence is high, around 8,000 volts, but the amperage (current) is extremely low, typically about 120 milliamps (0.12 amps). It’s the amperage that poses the real danger to living beings, not voltage. In comparison, a household outlet provides 220 volts but at a much higher amperage, making it dangerous.

  • Pulsating Current: Electric fence energizers release electrical energy in regular pulses of high voltage but very low amperage. This pulsating current significantly reduces the electrical charge, typically in the range of 15 to 500 milliamps. This prevents a continuous and potentially harmful electric shock.

  • Muscle Reaction: When an animal or person touches the fence, they experience a muscle contraction similar to a muscle cramp. With a pulsating electric fence, this effect is temporary, allowing the individual to retreat from the source of energy. Continuous current, like that from a wall outlet, would cause a dangerous “grabbing effect.”

Energy Consumption of an Electric Fence Energizer

Electric fence energizers are energy-efficient. They typically plug into a standard 220-volt power outlet and consume very little energy. A 1-joule energizer, for example, draws only about 4 Watts, which is significantly less than a standard 40-watt light bulb.

Effect of Electric Fencing on Animals

Electric fencing’s current causes a temporary muscle contraction in animals, similar to a muscle cramp. It’s not physically harmful but acts as an educational tool. The animal associates the uncomfortable feeling with the fence and learns to avoid it, making electric fencing an effective deterrent.

Child Safety with Electric Fencing

While electric fencing is not lethal, it can cause discomfort if touched by a child. A child touching both the live and ground wires will experience a brief shock, which may hurt for a few minutes but won’t cause serious harm. However, it’s advisable to keep children away from electric fences to ensure their safety.


Electric fencing in Kenya, provided by reputable suppliers like TopSec Technologies, is a safe and effective security solution. It should be considered in conjunction with other safety features such as automated access control systems, alarm systems, and CCTV cameras for comprehensive property protection. Prioritize your family’s safety by investing in reliable security solutions from TopSec Technologies Kenya.