Fire Alarms Systems In Kenya.

Alarm systems Kenya

Fire alarms system Kenya from TopSec Technologies. Fires are an occurrence that is not uncommon at home, in malls, in building complexes and generally everywhere. It is for this reason it is paramount to have a fire alarm system installed to warn when there is a fire, or fire- related emergency.


A fire alarm system Kenya has several devices working together to warn people when there is an emergency. The system has detection devices designed to detect fire signs like smoke. Usually the alarm is triggered to go off and alert people. We categorize the detectors into:

  • Heat detectors. Heat detectors are able to pick up when the heat exceeds a set temperature range. TopSec Technologies is a fire alarm system dealer in Kenya, and we provide heat detectors as well as pre-set the temperature range for you.

  • Smoke detectors. Smoke detectors are able to pick up smoke and trigger an alarm. There are usually three types of smoke detectors: Ionization smoke detector, light scattering smoke detector and light obscuring smoke detector. Being a fire alarm system dealer in Kenya, TopSec Technologies has a team of experts who advise on the best type of smoke detectors to install in your premises.
  • Carbon Monoxide detectors. They are also known as CO fire detectors. Carbon monoxide is a harmful gas produced by combustion. A CO fire detector senses the level of carbon monoxide in the air, which may indicate the possibility of a fire. It is important to note that there are carbon monoxide detectors which are normally used in homes to detect carbon monoxide in the air, and there are the Carbon Monoxide fire detectors which are more sensitive and respond quickly. It is important to know the difference by engaging an expert in fire alarm systems like TopSec Technologies.
  • Multi-sensor detectors. They work via a combination of optical and heat sensors and are designed to be sensitive to a wide range of fires.

When it comes to having fire alarms system Kenya installed, there are 4 types of fire alarms:

  • Conventional fire alarm systems

  • Addressable fire alarm system

  • Intelligent fire alarm system

  • Wireless fire alarm system

We offer advice on which fire alarm systems Kenya is best suited for you and your needs. We are dealers of fire alarm system materials in Kenya and we provide necessary parts needed in installing a fire alarm system in your home or business premises.

Here is why you should have a fire alarm system installed by TopSecTechnologies:

  • Saves lives by warning people about a fire, for them to take action and find a safe zone.
  • Avoids smoke inhalation. Smoke inhalation can cause major respiratory issues and even death from suffocation.
  • Controlled fire damage. Early fire detection prompts people to take action and fire is put out quickly, increasing the chance of salvaging property.
  • Fire alarm systems can be placed anywhere and are easily installed in fire prone areas like near the kitchen.
  • Easy to use. Once installed, fire alarm systems are not complicated to use.

The importance of having a fire alarm installed cannot be overlooked. Talk to TopSec Technologies for installation of fire alarm systems in Kenya.