Types of Electric Fences in Kenya

Secure Your Space with Top Sec Technologies – Premier Electric Fence Installer in Kenya

When it comes to safeguarding your property, Top Sec Technologies stands as the premier electric fence installer in Kenya. We specialize in residential, commercial, and wildlife electric fencing, each requiring a tailored approach and materials to ensure top-tier security.

Residential & Commercial Electric Fencing

In residential areas, we replace traditional wooden poles with metal strands, offering enhanced durability and security. Our expertise allows us to install electric fencing atop various surfaces, including concrete walls or even alongside ten-foot hedges. Metal bars are positioned within or allowed to grow within the overgrowth once the electric fence framework is in place.

As a homeowner, the process begins with a site survey, where our professionals take measurements to estimate the materials needed. Collaborating closely with property owners, we agree on the site’s design before procuring the necessary supplies. The installation phase entails setting up the metal bars, with project duration dependent on the property’s perimeter. Next, we meticulously thread the electric wires through the poles or metal bars, ensuring a taut setup. Finally, we connect the wires to a power source, fortifying your property’s security.

Wildlife Electric Fencing in Kenya

Our wildlife electric fencing serves a dual purpose – protecting endangered species from poachers and preventing predators from encroaching on the livestock of neighboring communities. This specialized fencing employs wooden poles and can even harness solar power, reducing electricity costs.

When animals encounter our electric fence, they receive a non-lethal shock that effectively deters further advancement. Over time, wildlife learns to avoid contact with the fence, preserving their safety.

Top Sec Technologies boasts a stellar reputation as a leading electric fence company in Kenya, having collaborated with numerous clients to install dependable, high-quality fences. Secure your space with us and fortify your safety today.

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