Electric Fence Installation from TopSec Technologies.

Electric Fence Installation in Kenya: Safeguarding Your Property with Topsec Technologies

.If you are looking to reinforce security in your home, farm or even business, electric fences should be your go to. We are leading Electric fence installers in Kenya and we pride ourselves in giving the best to our clients.

Given that electric fences are visible, they usually are a perfect deterrent of thugs and criminals. The fact that they stand a chance to get electrocuted, usually acts as an advantage of having an electric fence.

Electric fences have been associated with the rich, but at TopSec Technologies we are looking to change that perspective.We are affordable suppliers of electric fences in Kenya, which are best suited for your needs and budget. If you are not sure where to get the materials, we have a wide range of electric fencing materials making us a leading and trusted supplier in Kenya. We have able technicians who have knowledge of electric fence installation, meaning that you not only buy from us, we also install your fence ,saving you the time and resources of looking for trusted electric fence installers.

TopSec Technologies has a wide variety of Electric Fences which include:

Electric Fence installers in kenya

Top Wall Electric Fences

This fence is installed on top of a stone perimeter wall. At TopSec, we customize top wall fences to suit your security needs, be it at home, or office. premises. Banks can also benefit by installing a top wall electric fence, given the high security requirements due to the nature of their business. We pride ourselves in being the best electric fence company in Kenya.

Why You Should Have an Electric Fence from TopSec Technologies.

Electric Fences with Razor Wires

We are installers of electric fences with Razor wire. This type of electric fence fortifies your security. The razor wires are coated to prevent them from rusting especially in places where the environment is humid or the weather is harsh. They also add height to your wall making it more difficult for someone to climb over.

Here are the advantages of having an electric fence installed in your home and business premises.

Deter intruders from getting access to your property

No one wants to be electrocuted and for this reason you will have prevented potential intruders from accessing your property. When electric fences are combined with other security accessories like razor wires and alarm systems, you will be able to detect any intruders before they even get in your premises. Having a trusted Electric fence installer with knowledge of the best and effective combination for you is vital for you to get the best out of your investment. TopSec Technologies has been installing and helping individuals and businesses keep intruders away for a while now.

Electric Fence installers in kenya

Simple Installation

It is highly recommended that you get professional and trained electric fence installers. However, electric fences are generally easy to install and maintain as they are relatively lighter than the traditional fences and they are easy to transport. With the help of an expert like TopSec Technologies, you can have your electric fence installed very fast and be at ease knowing that your premises are safe from any potential intruders.

Lower Maintenance costs

Electric fence materials are made of a coating that prevents them from rusting. This means you do not have to worry about frequently replacing your fence, and you also spend less time as compared to a live fence where you have to trim, or a wooden fence where you have to keep repainting. A genuine electric fence can last up to 20 plus years. You do however, need to source the electric fence from a trusted source with genuine products. We are suppliers of genuine electric fence materials.


Almost any fence structure can be modified to fit in an electric fence. It can be installed on top of a wall structure, below a fence structure, and even iron fences. If you are wondering if you would have to remove your current fence structure, talk to us today for expert advice when it comes to where and how your fence can be modified to fit in an electric fence.

Electric Fence Installation in Kenya: Safeguarding Your Property with Topsec Technologies


Electric fences use a non-lethal shock which is relatively safe as compared to other fence structures like barbed wires which can cause potentially fatal injuries.

We supply and install electric fences all over Kenya.

Home Electric FenceBusiness premises Electric fenceElectric fence materials; ENERGIZER MACHINES Available
Top wall electric fenceSecure your business premises with electric fence to keep away intrudersEnergizer Machines include; Hammer EZ 630, EZ 640, EZ 680, JVA Z11, Z13, Z14, Z28,, Starfix X2, X3, X6i, X12i, X18i, M36R, M63R
Razor wire electric fence Treated Wooden Posts, Galvanized Steel Posts, Painted Steel Posts, Recycled Plastic Posts can be used in your next electric fencing projects..
FREE STANDING ELECTRIC FENCE 1.8m to 3.2m height Free Standing Electric Fences. Galvanized Razor Wire, Galvanized High Tensile Steel Wire 1.6mm, 2.5mm,4.0 mm

As you can see, the benefits of having an electric fence installed have benefits for your business and home,other than keeping intruders away. When you work with TopSec Technologies, we will make sure that we supply you with the best electric fence materials, do the electric fence installation,all of which will be tailored to suit your protection needs.