Electric Fence Frequently Asked Questions in Kenya

Will an electric fence harm my animals?

As discussed in our piece on Electric Fence for wildlife and farms, it is important to engage expert electric fence installers so that they can perform an assessment on the type of animals expected to be controlled using the electric fence. If you have animals that have a thin coat, it is advised to have low electric voltage, whereas if you have animals that have thick coats, a higher voltage is advised. But, in all instances, the electric voltage is not enough to harm the animal, but it is enough to warn the animal that when they try to pass through, jump over or crawl under, they will get a jolt, that way the animals will avoid the fence.

TopSec Technologies has an experienced team when it comes to electric fence installation in Kenya and giving advice on the best electric fence materials to be used to control your animals.

Why is an electric fence better than other types of fences?

There are numerous advantages of installing an electric fence. Electric fences are easy to install, they are durable as compared to traditional fences and they are an effective way to keep intruders away. They also control animals in a safe manner. If animals try to go through a barbed fence, they may get fatally injured. The same applies for electric fences installed in homes. Electric fence voltage is non-lethal but deters intruders. TopSec Technologies is an electric fence installation company in Kenya, providing cost effective electric fence for your home, farm, reserves, mini and major parks.

What makes up an electric fence and how does it work?

An electric fence is made up of:

wire/rope/tape or electric netting
power supply.
You will also need posts to support the wire,rope or the electric netting
Earth Stake to complete the circuit
Insulators to ensure good conductivity

The power supply, powers the energiser which in turn sends an electrical pulse down the wire/rope/tape/netting. When an animal touches the fence it receives a short sharp shock as it creates an earth and completes the circuit.

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Can I electrify an existing fence?

It is possible to customize an existing fence, but it requires experts to assess the type of fence you have. Electrifying a barbed wire fence can be dangerous and fatal because an animal or even a person can get tangled in the barbed wire which would result in fatal injuries. It is therefore advised to engage a trusted electric fence installation company like TopSec Technologies when considering to electrify an existing fence.

Will TopSec Technologies teach me how to measure voltage and maintain my electric fence?

Absolutely! We will teach you all you need to know when it comes to your newly installed electric fence. We provide excellent after service customer service to make sure you are settling well with your new fence.

Isn’t it expensive to have an electric fence?

What is expensive is going to a loss after intruders steal your property or animals,or when wild animals cause damage to crops and end up being killed by villagers. TopSecTechnologies offers quality electric fences in Kenya at competitive rates.

NB: Most often,people do not take electric fences seriously, it is therefore recommended to have a warning sign informing people that the fence is electrified. When someone decides to forego the warning, the consequences will be of their own wanting.