Advantages of having an Alarm System in your Home and Business.

Secure your home with the best Alarm systems from TopSec Technologies, a leading intruder alarm system company in Kenya. When it comes to protecting your home and your business, having an alarm system installed will provide much needed peace of mind knowing that you will be alerted about any intruder. Topsec Technologies has a team of experts capable of assessing your business or home premises,advising on the best alarm system to fit your needs. We also do alarm system installation in Kenya. We are a leading alarm system dealer in Kenya,and we provide different alarm systems designs, among them being :

Burglar Alarm Systems/Intruder Alarm Systems.

Burglar Alarm Systems Installation in Kenya Burglars are persons who enter illegally into a building or other areas to commit a crime. It is also known as breaking and entering or housebreaking. In Kenya, burglary is a crime that has been there for a long time and continues to be a huge problem to many households and businesses. Many newly opened businesses often cite finding all their items stolen, which leads to huge margins of loss. It is for this reason that your home or business premises needs an alarm system installed to mitigate such occurrences. TopSec Technologies is a burglar alarm installation company in Kenya installation company in Kenya, dealing with both automatic and manual intruder alarms for your home and business.

Manual Intruder Alarm

Manual Intruder alarms are what is commonly known as “panic buttons” which are installed at different points in your home or business. You are issued with a mobile panic button to be used during an emergency. It is important to work with a trusted intruder alarm system dealer in Kenya so that you can get expert advice on the spots that are best to install the panic buttons to avoid detection especially at home where they might be damaged by children or even identified by a potential intruder. If you are looking for a trusted dealer, protect your home with TopSecTechnologies intruder alarm systems.

Automatic Intruder Alarm

Automatic intruder alarms are set to detect movement or vibration. It does not require any buttons and works well because you will get an intruder alert even when you are not at home.

Advantages of having an Automatic Intruder Alarm system

Protect your home or business premises while away Installing an intruder alarm system allows you to monitor your premises while you are away. You are able to remotely control the system and see a live footage of what is happening via your phone, laptop or tablet. We also advise having a GSM module which automatically sends a message to the homeowner when the alarm is triggered.

Reduce Costs

With an automatic intruder alarm system from TopSec Technologies, you will reduce costs that would have been used every month to pay a security guard.

Makes room for peace of mind

Knowing your home is protected will allow you to focus on your day to day activities. If you are looking for security installation alarms in Kenya, TopSecTechnologies provides impeccable alarm systems installation services. Talk to us today 0792 700 079


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