CCTV camera Kenya

Investing in a CCTV camera system is an excellent way to make your home and business more secure. Top Sec Technologies has years of experience installing top quality CCTV cameras in Kenya. We source our equipment from the best suppliers making us a great choice when selecting a CCTV installation company in Kenya.

Whether you’re looking to install a CCTV camera outside a property to catch criminal activity, or have placed one inside to monitor the home or a company’s goods, there’s something for everyone.

We have a variety of CCTV camera solutions, to fit your needs:
Bullet CCTV camera –

Bullet cameras are long and cylindrical in shape and are ideal for outdoor use. Their strengths lie specifically in applications which require long distance viewing. Installed within protective casings, the cctv06cameras are shielded against dust, dirt and other natural elements. They are more suitable for viewing large areas such as extensive backyards and parking lots.

Dome CCTV camera –

Dome cameras are commonly used in surveillance systems inside of homes, casinos, retail stores, and restaurants. This is cctv03because dome cameras are low intrusive and blends in very well with their surroundings. Because of their dome shape, it is difficult for someone to tell which direction the lens of a Dome Camera is actually aiming.

Spy cameras

This camera allows you to discreetly capture footage of any goods theft and criminal activity. They are very beneficial when you do not want criminals to spot them and they can be disguised in objects.

They are popularly used as nanny cameras to monitor children at home.

Infrared/Night Vision CCTV camera installation Kenya

We offer a wide variety of infrared CCTV cameras that have a wide range and can monitor even in complete darkness. Infrared cameras have small LEDs surrounding the lens to help pick up moving figures in pitch black. Thermal image cameras can see over long distance.

Network/IP camera systems

Network cameras allow you to see what is going on in your property when you are away making them ideal for homes and commercial properties. CCTV footage can be easily accessed via the internet cctv07through a laptop computer or hand-held devices like Smartphone or Tablets.

High-Definition Cameras

These cameras are mainly used in high risk establishments such as banks and casinos as they have such high resolution. These cctv04cameras are great for spotting misconduct and allows the user to zoom in for extra clarity, should the footage need to be used in court.

We are a top CCTV camera installer in Kenya and we can recommend, install and supply the best type of high-quality CCTV camera for your home or commercial property.


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