Take your home and office security to the next level by installing a video door phone. We are suppliers, installers and dealers of premium video door phones in Kenya. The main feature of video door phone also known as a video intercom is to enable the person indoors to identify the visitor and, if they wish, engage in conversation and choose if they would wish to open the door and give them access to your property.

The video door phone set comes with a central video doorbell with a separate video monitor. Install the video doorbell at the front door of your home and you can view and answer the door from a distance. The video sensor transmits high quality images to the monitor and thanks to its infra-red technology, you’ll even have a clear view of who is standing at your door at night. You can have the ability of unlocking the door from a distance with just a click of a button.

The advantages of installing a video door phone in Kenya are:
  • Improved home and office security.
  • Constant monitoring of your property even when you are not on the premises.
  • Convenience of answering the front door without having to go physically to the door

The video door phone is able to integrate with the access control system, home automation system and alarm system. This will boost the overall security of your property.

You can choose to have a wireless video door phone that will allow you to even answer the door when you are not in the house or office.


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