Electric Fence Installation in Kenya

We are a premium electric fence installation company in Kenya. We have years of experience in installing residential, commercial or wildlife electric fences.electric blog11
The following are the reasons to hire Top Sec Technologies as your electric fence company in Kenya:

Qualified team of technicians

The following are the many advantages of choosing an electric fence as your choice of protection:

It is easy to install as a stand-alone fence or to an existing wall.
Low maintenance cost as compared to other fences.
It provides a physical barrier that delays any intruders. Any accidental touch will alert a person not to touch the electric fence again.
If used with an alarm system, the electric fence will detect an intruder and alert security companies or authorities.
It provides an electric high voltage shock to intruders.
Acts as a psychological barrier to deter potential burglars. Animals that receive an electric shock and are deterred from proceeding any further. Animals quickly come to learn not to come into contact with the fence
Low maintenance costs.
Reduced cost of security personnel.