Electric Fence suppliers in Kenya

Topsec technologies is an electric fencing company Kenya that employs modern and innovative methods to ensure clients get the best in electric fence installation in Kenya. We have successfully doneelectric blog12 electric fence installations in Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi & Tanzania.

Our professional team of technician takes time to understand all our client’s needs. We source our materials from vetted supplies to ensure a quality fence that will last for many years to come. We have installed fences for homes, office institutions, conservancies, homes etc.

An electric fence is set up is meant to create an electric circuit when a person or animal touches the live wires. The fences are installed with a power energizer that turns power into momentary high voltage pulse. The shock from this fences is non-lethal but it is enough to deter a person or animal from further accessing your property.

The owner of every property has the obligation to ensure that their property is well protected from intruders and an electric fence serves this purpose.

We undertake the following process when you contact Top Sec Technologies

We first examine your property and give our clients the best advice to solve their problem.
We create a quotation based on the site survey. This quotation will encompass all the necessary materials, service fee and any other requirements that may be needed.

We have years of experience in installing electric fences in Kenya and we work hard to ensure we provide the best services andelectric blog13 materials to our clients.

We also offer electric fence maintenance services in Kenya to ensure our clients receive a comprehensive and cost effective package.