Electric Fencing for Wildlife and Farms in Kenya

An electric fence is a barrier that uses electric current and is installed so as to enhance security either in your home, business premises , farm or even in a park where there are wild animals.

TopSec Technologies provides electric fence installation in Kenya for wildlife and farms as well. Just like thousands of homeowners have trusted us to install electric fences in their homes, we also work with farms, conservies, mini and major parks in reinforcing security of both locals living around the areas as well as keeping the animals within their premises.


We are trusted dealers of electric fence materials in Kenya and our team is capable of giving advice on how to keep the voltage of the electric fence sufficient enough to prevent animals from knocking down the fence.

Stories of elephants knocking down fences and destroying crops farms usually attract negativity from locals and locals result in harming the elephants. Rather than going to extremes of crop loss and killing of the elephants, it is best to install an electric fence which will reduce human-wildlife interaction and conflicts.

On the other hand, we also install electric fences around your farm to protect your crops or greenhouses or agricultural projects from intrusion. If you have animals in your farm, the electric fence can control them as well and prevent them from wandering off. We are electric fence dealers offering the best services at minimal costs.

We are electric fence installers with razor wires in Kenya. Razor wires provide additional security, since it gets impossible to go over the fence.

How Does Electric Fences Work for Wildlife?

Electric fences for wildlife need to be high,lower and close enough together to prevent wildlife from jumping over, crawling under and or trying to squeeze through. Working with an experienced team like TopSec Technologies will ensure that the electric fence installed will meet the above requirements.

When it comes to choosing the right type of electric fence materials to use, there are two things that are put into consideration:

Animals that are easy to control with low voltages. These animals include cattle, horses, since they have thin coats.
Animals that are controlled with a higher voltage. These animals include sheep, and most wild animals who have thick coats and are more determined to go through a fence.

The wiring materials should be chosen based on animal preference: whether they prefer going under, or over a fence.Some animals also have poor eyesight like horses and they might try to go through the fence, so you should make sure the fence is visible. If there is a combination of all preferences, then choosing materials that go over, under and close enough will do the trick. We supply electric fence materials in Kenya that can well cater to all types of animals. We also assess the types of animals that are to be controlled with the electric fence and advice based on the findings.

We supply electric fence materials in Kenya needed which include:

Fence energizer machines. We supply and install electric fence energizer machines in Kenya.
Fencing posts. We supply electric fence posts in Kenya. Our wooden posts are treated.
Fencing accessories. We supply electric fence accessories at minimal costs.