Ensuring Animal Safety with Electric Fences: FAQs Answered

Ensuring Safe and Effective Electric Fence Installations in Kenya

Electric fences are a powerful security solution, but concerns about their impact on animals are common. At TopSec Technologies, we understand the importance of electric fence safety for animals. In this article, we address these concerns and emphasize the advantages of electric fences over traditional options.

Ensuring Animal Safety: One of the key concerns is whether electric fences will harm animals. We take a proactive approach to this issue by employing professional electric fence installers who can assess the specific animals to be controlled. By adjusting the electric voltage based on factors like the animals’ coat thickness, we ensure that the fence provides a warning rather than causing harm. The electric shock is designed to deter animals from crossing, jumping, or crawling under the fence, thereby ensuring their safety.

Advantages of Electric Fences: Electric fences offer numerous benefits. They are easy to install, durable, and highly effective at deterring intruders. Unlike traditional barbed wire fences, electric fences provide a non-lethal deterrent. At TopSec Technologies, we offer cost-effective electric fences suitable for various applications, including residential, farm, reserve, and park settings.

Components and Functioning: An electric fence comprises essential components such as energizers, wire/rope/tape or electric netting, a power supply, support posts, an earth stake, and insulators for conductivity. The power supply energizes the system, sending electrical pulses through the wire/rope/tape/netting. When an animal touches the fence, it experiences a short, sharp shock that completes the circuit. As trusted electric fence material suppliers and dealers, we provide affordable and high-quality components.

Electrifying an Existing Fence: Customizing an existing fence with an electric component requires professional assessment. Electrifying a barbed wire fence, for example, can be hazardous and may result in fatal injuries. To ensure safety, it is advisable to consult a trusted electric fence installation company like TopSec Technologies.

Measurement and Maintenance: At TopSec Technologies, we go beyond installation by providing comprehensive guidance on measuring voltage and maintaining your electric fence. Our commitment to excellent after-sales customer service ensures that you have the necessary knowledge to handle and manage your new fence effectively.

Cost Considerations: While some may perceive electric fences as expensive, the real cost lies in the losses incurred from theft or damage caused by intruders or wildlife. TopSec Technologies offers competitive rates for high-quality electric fences in Kenya, providing a reliable and cost-effective security solution.

Conclusion: Electric fences offer a safe and efficient means of protecting your property and animals. At TopSec Technologies, we prioritize animal safety and offer expert installation services. To ensure awareness and prevent accidents, it is important to display warning signs. Choose the trusted professionals for your electric fencing needs in Kenya and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with a secure and effective solution.


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