How to Properly Maintain Your Automated Gate.

Automated gates need to be regularly cleaned to ensure that they work optimally. Automatic gates installers in Kenya

Keep the gate clean

Just like your car, your automated gate needs to be cleaned on a regular basis to prevent rust. Rinsing the gate with a hose pipe can be beneficial in keeping your gate rust free. You should also consider waxing your automated gate from time to time to keep it looking good. TopSec Technologies installs automated gates in Kenya.

Lubricate where applicable

Depending on the type of automated gate you get installed, you might need to regularly lubricate the wheels and hinges to keep them working well. It is important to know the type of electric gate materials your gate has, so as to know the type of maintenance the gate will require. TopSec Technologies team provides client education, and lets you know what type of materials your gate is made of. We also supply electric gates materials in Kenya.

Take care of the electrical parts

TopSec Technologies deals with electric gates installation in Kenya, and we make sure we minimize exposure of all electrical parts of your automated gate. There are components like the circuit board that controls the gate that are outside and are exposed, and it is important to look out for insects that might get stuck inside.

Keep checking on your automatic gate

Check if there are any signs of wear and tear, any loose bolts and if the electric cables are working well. If you do find that there are any bolts not screwed in well, do not try to fix them on your own, instead, contact service providers with gate automation installation experience like TopSec Technologies to help you with the repairs. Having an automatic gate offers many benefits like improved security for your home, cost saving on hiring a security guard on a monthly basis and improving the appearance of your home. If you are looking for automatic gate installers in Kenya, TopSec Technologies is a leading electric gate dealer, supplier and installation company in Kenya.


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