Types of Electric Fences in Kenya

Top Sec Technologies is a leading electric fence installer in Kenya. We offer residential/commercial and wildlife electric fencing in Kenya. Each type of fencing requires a different approach and materials.

Residential/Commercial electric fence

In residential fencing we use metal strands instead of wooden poles. The bars that carry the live wires can be easily placed over a different type of wall such as a concrete wall. In some instances, theyelectric blog14 are placed alongside hedges that grow to 10 feet. The metal bars are placed inside the overgrowth or allowed to grow once the electric fence has been set up

As a home owner, you need to have a section ready to be installed. The electric fence installation company in Kenya will take the measurements to get an estimate of the materials to be used. This is referred to as site survey. We agree on the site design with the owner and order the required supplies.
The first task is to set up the bars. The time spent on each project depends on the perimeter of the property. Secondly, we pass the electric wires through the poles or metal bars ensuring that they are tight. Lastly, we connect the wires to a source of power.

Wildlife Electric fence in Kenya

A wildlife electric fence must provide endangered species with protection from poachers, as well as keep predators from attacking the livestock of surrounding communities. This electric fence mainly electric blog16uses wooden poles and can be solar powered to save on electric costs.

Animals that receive an electric shock and are deterred from proceeding any further. Animals quickly come to learn not to come into contact with the fence
Top Sec Technologies is a leading electric fence company in Kenya that has worked with many clients to install quality and reliable fences.


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