Types of Electric Fences in Kenya

Your Premier Electric Fence Installer in Kenya

Are you in search of a top-tier electric fence installer in Kenya? Look no further than TopSec Technologies. We specialize in the installation of residential, commercial, and wildlife electric fencing solutions. Each type of fencing demands a unique approach and specific materials, ensuring the utmost effectiveness in safeguarding your property.

Residential and Commercial Electric Fencing:

In residential and commercial fencing, we utilize metal strands instead of traditional wooden poles. These metal bars, carrying the live wires, can be effortlessly positioned atop various types of walls, including concrete. In some instances, they are discreetly integrated alongside hedges that grow up to 10 feet in height. These metal bars can either be placed within the overgrowth or allowed to grow once the electric fence is set up.

As a homeowner or business owner, your initial task is to prepare the installation site. Our electric fence installation company in Kenya will conduct a site survey, taking precise measurements to estimate the required materials. This crucial step ensures an accurate site design tailored to your needs. Once the plan is finalized, we proceed with the installation process.

The installation unfolds in three key steps:

  1. Setting Up Bars: The initial phase involves setting up the metal bars. The time required for this step depends on the perimeter of the property and the specific design.

  2. Wiring: Secondly, we expertly thread the electric wires through the poles or metal bars, ensuring they are taut and secure.

  3. Power Connection: Finally, we connect the wires to a power source, activating your electric fence’s protective barrier.

Wildlife Electric Fence in Kenya:

A wildlife electric fence serves a critical dual purpose: safeguarding endangered species from poachers and protecting the livestock of surrounding communities from predatory threats. This type of electric fence predominantly employs wooden poles and can be designed to be solar-powered, offering both environmental and cost-saving benefits.

The electric shock administered by these fences effectively deters animals from venturing further. Over time, animals quickly learn to avoid any contact with the fence, enhancing the safety of both wildlife and neighboring communities.

TopSec Technologies stands as a leading electric fence company in Kenya with a wealth of experience working alongside numerous clients, ensuring the installation of quality, reliable, and effective fences.

Choose TopSec Technologies for your electric fencing needs, and fortify your security with our expertly crafted solutions. Contact us today to discuss your requirements and discover how we can tailor our services to meet your specific needs.


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